New collaboration for Stagioni tour Spring 2023

For the upcoming tour in 2023 Mayke Rademakers started a collaboration with Theaterkantoor.nl in Holland (her homeland) and BB Media Consult in Munich – Germany. Together they are working on the launch of “Stagioni” on E-Cello.

Then, I thought, it is time to compose a whole solo piece for E Cello, and that was….


It was as if everything fell into place. Everything I had experienced in my life up until then, as a classical musician, as a human being, as a woman, a mother, it just came together in Stagioni.

Stagioni is my answer to everything I had lived through up until then, and curiously enough, all of a sudden balanced my whole life!

Watch the promo or look for more information about Mayke and her work
on her website.

© Mayke Rademakers
©  Theaterkantoor.nl. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

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